Thursday, May 15, 2014

Student Art Contest and Exhibition will be part of this summer’s Ridge to Reef Celebration and 5th Birthday Bash for the KHFMA!

As part of this year’s big annual community event at Kahekili Beach Park on Saturday July 26th, we are holding an art contest and exhibition for Maui students of all ages! There will be a prize awarded to the entry that best communicates one of the key themes and associated conservation messages surrounding the “ridge to reef,” “mauka to makai” region of West Maui and particularly the Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries Management Area (KHFMA). Everyone who attends will have a chance to vote for the winner, as all entries will be on display as part of the event. 

Guidelines for Entering:
• Artwork should be in the form of posters on plain paper, with a maximum length/width of 12 inches.
• Themes to choose from (see below for guidance on exploring these themes):
1)    Coral Reefs
2)    Pono Fishing
3)    “Herbivores Help Keep Reefs Healthy”
4)    What is the KHFMA?
5)    Watershed Stewardship: What You Can Do
• Write the student’s name and contact information (phone, email) on the back.
• Turn in artwork no later than July 14th to be entered.  Artwork can be mailed to Liz Foote, or arrangements can be made to drop it off or get it picked up by coordinating with Liz at or (808) 669-9062.

Exploring the Themes:
Under each theme below are some links to places where you can find more information about each theme. Check it out, and decide which theme you’d like to highlight in your artwork!

1)    Coral Reefs
CORAL’s Coral Reefs 101:

2)    Pono Fishing
Ma Ka hana Ka ‘Ike project by Pelika Bertelmann:
Hui Malama o Mo’omomi’s  Pono Fishing Calendar (2011):
Hawaii Living Reef Ethical Fishing Guidelines:

3)   “Herbivores Help Keep Reefs Healthy”
KHFMA educational sign:

4)    What is the KHFMA?
TNC Reef Resilience Program Case Study on the KHFMA:
Blog posts by Scripps Institution of Oceanography PhD student Emily Kelly:
NOAA Fisheries Blogs on KHFMA research:

5)   Watershed Stewardship: What You Can Do
From the West Maui Kumuwai website:
Learn more about watersheds and conservation efforts in West Maui:
EPA’s “What is a Watershed”
EPA’s Watershed Stewardship Toolkit:
Watershed Stewardship efforts of the West Maui Ridge to Reef Initiative:
West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership

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